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The Paleo Recipe Book Review: Living a Healthy Life Just Got a Lot Easier written by: dylantheham Summary: In this Paleo Recipe Book review, we’ll show you that the book is a great source of paleo recipes for both beginners and experienced paleo enthusiasts. Featuring delicious, easy to make recipes and a simple layout complete with beautiful photos, this is perhaps the best paleo cookbooks you can purchase.

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– What is a Paleo Diet?- Highlights of The Paleo Recipe Book- Pros and Cons- Final Thoughts: Should You Buy the Book?- Disclaimer

What is a Paleo Diet?
So what is this “paleo” diet thing anyway? Is it just another fad, like the infamous Atkins diet that was so popular a few years ago?
Millions of people around the world would disagree. The paleo diet has won widespread scientific recognition as an effective way to lose weight and stay in shape. It also has the added benefit of helping individuals with autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis live fuller, healthier lives.

Simply put, the paleo diet is a modernized version of the foods that our ancestors, the Paleolithic humans, ate. Hence the name “paleo”. Paleo diets are made up of nutrient-rich organic foods and omit fatty processed foods. If you’re on a paleo diet, you can look forward to eating healthy organic meats and fish, non-starchy vegetables, natural oils and fats, nuts, and fruits. In addition to being very good for you, paleo foods usually taste better than their processed counterparts.
Ok, so now we’ve got your interest. But where does a person start? What’s the best paleo diet? What is the best paleo recipe book that can put you on the right path to healthy eating and weight loss?

Highlights of The Book
The aptly-named Paleo Recipe Book ($25), by Sébastien Noël, claims to be a total solution for maintaining a healthy and tasty paleo diet, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. The book stands out as one of the most accessible and easy-to-use collections of paleo recipes, and the dishes listed within taste great and are easy to cook. It truly is one of the best paleo cookbook out there.

There are five highlights explaining why The Paleo Recipe Book should find its way to your bookshelf or e-reader. These are:
– The Recipes Are Delicious and Healthy: A recipe book wouldn’t be very useful if the food didn’t taste great. The Paleo Recipe Book delivers delicious dishes, page after page.- The Book Is Well-Organized and Appealing: By laying out the recipes clearly, with easy to follow instructions and helpful tips, this book is extremely easy to use.- The Recipes Are Super Easy to Make: Every single one of the recipes in the book can be made without any prior cooking experience, and the results will keep you and your guests coming back for more.- The Book Comes with a Bunch of Bonus Features: For just $25, you get the book with 370 recipes, plus bonuses like an eight-week meal plan and paleo dessert recipes.- The Paleo Recipe Book Makes Paleo Living Easy: By providing easy, delicious recipes, the author makes it simple and fun to begin living the paleo lifestyle.

The Recipes Are Delicious and Healthy
The paleo diet emphasizes using fresh, organic ingredients that you can buy at most grocery stores. It’s always a little frustrating to find a great recipe, only to see that it requires a list of ingredients that you’ve never even heard of. This book avoids this by using simple ingredients, which result in a mouth-watering feast for both your mouth and your eyes.
Sebastien’s recipe for Chicken Fajitas is a great example. All of the ingredients, from the chicken breast, to the bell peppers, to the spices, are easily available at your local grocery store. The end result, free of artificial additives and trans fats, is bound to become a staple of your weekly menu.

Most of the recipes are just healthier takes on dinner-plate favorites you already indulge in, making the transition to a paleo lifestyle easier for beginners. For example, the recipe for roasted salmon cuts out any artificial ingredients and uses wholesome, organic foods. By including some organic produce, and sauteing the fish in a healthy cooking fat, this is the roasted salmon you and your family enjoy all the time.


The Book Is Well-Organized and Appealing
The pages of this book have perhaps the best paleo cookbook layout, on a simple white background, with clear green text. Recipe names are in big, bold lettering, and the recipe steps are listed in clear type with simple numbering. There are 372 recipes, organized under 18 categories.
Each recipe is divided into two sections. The left side of the page begins with the recipe name, followed by a list of steps to start preparing your meal. Below that is a large photo of the recipe in question, meaning there’s no mistaking what dish you’re about to cook.

On the right side is a panel listing the recipe ingredients, along with an icon on the top-right side of the page notifying the reader of whether the recipe is autoimmune-friendly. Taking up the bottom half of the right side panel are very helpful icons listing the nutritional values for the dish, including the amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. The icons also list the cooking and prep time, as well as the number of servings.

The Recipes Are Super Easy to Make
No more slaving away over a hot stove for hours on end trying to achieve the perfect temperature. Because paleo diets hearken back to an earlier time, the recipes tend to be easier to prepare and cook, saving you a lot of time and giving you more time to actually enjoy the food. Cooking’s no fun if it becomes a chore, right?
The Paleo Recipe Book represents everything that’s so revolutionary about the paleo diet. It delivers healthy and simple recipes which you can whip up in minutes, but which taste just as good as anything else you could take hours to make. That makes it one of the best paleo recipe collections out there.

To list just one example, Sébastien’s recipe for Bacon and Spinach Frittata is a 40-minute wonder that will have you making seconds, and then thirds, and then fourths. Best of all, it’s all completely doable part of your morning routine. By frying up some bacon and lightly sauteeing some spinach, you have a refreshing, and paleo-approved, breakfast that will provide energy for hours and cut the calories.

Because the recipes are so simple, presentation becomes much easier. Without the endless number of extra bells and whistles, you can arrange dishes on a serving plate to emphasize their natural colors and shapes, letting the aroma really send you and your guests over the edge. Just a quick glance at the recipe for Lemon and Pepper Barbecued Chicken Fingers shows you that not only does it look (and definitely taste) great, but that it would be a cinch to prepare and arrange.
The Book Comes with a Bunch of Bonus Features
If it weren’t enough that the book itself provides recipes for an almost endless number of tantalizing dishes for you to enjoy, Sébastien has also included a collection of bonus features to really seal the deal. After getting so used to getting exactly what we pay for and not a penny more, it’s nice to see an author appreciate his readers enough to throw in some helpful extras.
These include:
– A bonus 8-week meal plan that takes all the guesswork out of planning your paleo diet. The meal plan provides options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack, so you’re covered from dawn to dusk. The meal plan flows naturally, and the meal choices complement each other rather than just being randomly thrown in. Best of all, the meal plan is organized in such a way that you can conveniently use common ingredients, which is always great on the wallet.- Recipes for paleo desserts, because adherents of the paleo lifestyle know that even if you work hard, you gotta play hard too. And what better way to do that than by rewarding yourself with some healthy treats?- 30 quick ‘n easy meal ideas that can be ready in almost no time, for those days when you just can’t afford to take even 30 minutes to cook.- A handy set of descriptions of herbs and spices that should be incorporated into every paleo diet. And with a convenient cheat sheet you can use to find alternatives to things like dairy and flour, you should all your bases covered.

The Paleo Recipe Book Makes Paleo Living Easy
The biggest hurdle to changing your lifestyle for the better is taking that first step. Many diets and workout routines make this too complicated by requiring you to purchase entire rooms of equipment for cooking or exercising, or telling you that you have to have “x amount of body fat” or “a blood pressure level of y” to even begin.

This book simply rejects those restrictions and invites people of all ages and walks of life to enjoy themselves to the fullest by going paleo. It’s reflected in the accessible, easy-to-understand language of the book’s recipes. It’s clear in the types of recipes that Sébastien writes: kitchen-table favorites that don’t require trips to the wilderness to gather obscure ingredients.
Take it from the author himself. As the author of the immensely popular PaleoLeap website, Sébastien has helped thousands of people transition to a healthier, fuller lifestyle, by using a combination of the paleo diet and healthy lifestyle choices. It’s no wonder he’s written possibly the best paleo recipe book in the world.

Readers don’t lie. Visit the book’s homepage right now and you’ll find lots of glowing reviews of the book, many of whom credit the book and the paleo lifestyle for completely turning their lives around. And for $25, it’s a steal.
As one reader of the book gushed, “It is a fantastic book. The recipes are so easy to follow and it has helped us to re-educate the way we eat. My whole family is really enjoying this healthy way of eating. I would like to congratulate you on this brilliant cook book full of delicious recipes.”

Too Many Recipes!
While this isn’t really a “con”, there are over 370 recipes in this book. Even if you were to try one recipe per day, it would take you an entire year just to get through the book. You’ll more likely try out a few of the recipes, find some that are your favorites, and stick with them. We would, however, encourage you to try making as many of them as possible, and even go outside your comfort zone and try different recipes as often as possible.


The Book Is Only Available as a PDF
In the digital age, this isn’t much of a complaint either. However, for those without laptops or e-readers, it can be challenging to bring these recipes into the kitchen. With tablets and e-readers getting less expensive by the day, this problem is easily solved.
Final Thoughts: Should You Buy This Book?
A complete paleo diet, good the year round, is available within this book’s pages. With no grains, no legumes, no sugar, and no dairy, you can be well on your way to living a paleo lifestyle, all within the first few pages of the book.

So if you’ve ever wondered if you could eat healthier, or if you’re just tired of the run-of-the-mill processed foods and want a total change, consider going the paleo diet route. It’s backed by science, enthusiastically promoted by millions around the world, and comes from our very own past. If the hunter-gatherers could take down mammoths and cross entire continents on the paleo diet, you could probably stand to gain a lot from it too.

And if you’re looking for a one-stop solution that will provide delicious meal recipes for years to come, you can’t do better than The Paleo Recipe Book. With its author’s proven track record as an authority on the paleo diet, and its accessibility and ease-of-use, you’ll wonder how you ever cooked anything before reading the book.
While we enthusiastically promote The Paleo Recipe Book, we are not doctors, dieticians, or nutritionists, and as such, the information on this page reflects our own personal opinions and is in no way a substitute for professional medical advice.
We promote the sanitary preparation of the food listed in this book, but do not claim any responsibility for any adverse health effects resulting from the preparation of said foods.
We will not be liable for any claims or damages resulting from use of The Paleo Recipe Book.