A Delicious Low Carb Diet Recipe

Most people think that dieting is all about eating healthy bland food which requires a lot of preparation and shopping. Counting calories and selecting between wholesome and fatty food, leaves many people flustered. Additionally, people get bored cooking the same recipe everyday and quit midway.

For rapid weight loss, select food items which are low in carbohydrates and provide your body with fewer calories. Many weight loss tips suggest food items to eat or avoid but few describe how to prepare them tastefully. Here is one diet recipe which is tasty, filling, and nutritious while being low in carbohydrate content. Low carbohydrate meals typically cut out white flour, sugar and starchy vegetables and replace them with other healthier food groups.

Learn to make easy asparagus frittatas for lunch if you want to know how to lose weight fast by eating low carb foods. As it is, frittata is an excellent egg dish having very little carbohydrate. You can further spice it up and make it healthier by adding any amount of meat, vegetables and spices to it. Being served as wedges, they make wonderfully tasty filling meals for the entire family at lunch. Make a large frittata using a 12 inch skillet so that you can have enough to have at dinner too. You may also carry your home-made frittatas as lunch to office.

Preparation time for frittatas is almost negligible as there are very little ingredients involved. You just need 4 large eggs, 2 tsp olive oil, 1 small shallot, 1 medium sized tomato, about a pound of asparagus, 1 cup of shredded low fat Swiss cheese and salt and pepper according to taste. Lightly beat the eggs, add salt and pepper and keep aside. Thinly chop shallot, dice tomato and prepare asparagus by breaking off ends and cutting the spears diagonally into 1 inch lengths. Heat the oil in an adequately sized frying pan over moderate heat. Add shallots and salt, stirring until onions are pink and softened (this should take you about 2 – 3 minutes). Add the asparagus, reduce heat, cover the pan and allow to cook for 6 – 8 minutes or till the spears are al dente. Now add the tomato and stir till slightly squishy. Pour in the eggs and allow them to just settle over the vegetable mixture. Take off fire while the eggs are still slightly runny on top.

While preparing the above egg mixture, preheat your oven broiler. Sprinkle the shredded cheese on top of your frittata and put in the hot over. Broil for 3 – 4 minutes or till the cheeses is melted properly. Cut into wedges and serve this low carbohydrate wholesome tasty dish to the family.

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