Because nothing Cereals and Legumes? The Lectins!


Recently my boyfriend was distracted from his normal habits of the Paleo diet because he heard that the wheat biscuits are coveted.
Meanwhile, I also find myself in front of gluten-free paleo cookbook and candy every time I open our closet.

The smell coming out from the pack is seductive and sometimes more than I can bear when I am going to get close to take my bag of nuts and seeds.
Why cannot I eat cereal? Is the question that comes into your head and suddenly my family and friends think I’m crazy to eat Paleo?

What is wrong in the grains? Well, this post is dedicated to all those who have the same temptations in their closets, and for me, because I need a reminder.

I wonder sometimes if the aroma of boiled rice and doughy consistency of a donuts is so tempting because I grew up sniffing them, I ate so much, or because of some genetic predisposition. And ‘confusing to me that grains and legumes (beans – all those blacks, pinto, soy, peanuts, etc.) would be so nice for us, since they are basically poisonous, having strongly contributed to the current overwhelming prevalence of heart disease, digestive disorders and obesity rates in this country.
There are a lot of reasons for this, cereals and legumes contain anti-nutrients. Some cereals and legumes removed via the minerals and others create intestinal damage and immune problems. I’ll start with the small proteins called lectins anti-nutrients.


What are Lectins?
Lectins are proteins found in animals (including you) and plants – are everywhere, especially in cereals, legumes (especially soybeans), nuts and seeds. They have many protective functions of the human body – from recognizing pathogens to control the levels of proteins in the blood. Their function in plants is thought to be protective.

Paleo cookbook
Cereals and Legumes

The lectins are found in the seeds of plants and are thought to have something to do with the survival of the seed. They protect the seed causing considerable intestinal discomfort (diarrhea, nausea, bloating, vomiting, even death) to those who eat the seeds, hoping to deter the predator to take yet.

Immune Response
The grain contains a lectin wheat germ agglutinin call. Lectins are sticky and agglutinins are in your small intestine. Cheats then the body bringing these molecules across the border of your intestine intact, where it is seen as a foreign invader by the immune system.
Antibodies are created in response to lectins, and unfortunately, lectins often resemble other parts of your body.

They may look like the cells in the brain, pancreas, etc., and the same antibodies that are designed to attack the lectin going to attack your own body.
This is where the problems arise autoimmune, such as type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, lupus and multiple sclerosis.

Intestinal impermeability
To make matters worse, on their way into your body, lectins damage the walls of your intestines, contributing to the creation of intestinal permeability, so that other larger particles can pass through the intestinal wall, enter the bloodstream and create system effects immune cascade.
This is basically the way they start food intolerances. Assimilate something that makes holes in the gut which allows large food particles from entering the bloodstream.
Then the immune system becomes overwhelmed and confused and starts to attack things at random – blueberries, asparagus, olive oil, etc. The symptoms can range from headaches to eczema up to a weight gain and depression.

Can I Cook Lectins along with Food?
Cooking, soaking or germination of cereals, legumes, nuts and seeds helps to decrease the number of lectins that contain, but none of these processes completely eliminates lectins, with the exception of pressure cooking.
Lectins are also resistant to enzymatic activity, which is partly why they are so hard to digest.

Why eat nuts and seeds?
You might wonder (as I did), because we were told to eat seeds and nuts in the Paleo diet, even when they contain such small molecules.
The truth is that for the supply of measurement is always better to sprout (or soaking), nuts and seeds, and you really should eat them in moderation.

Think about it: our ancestors probably did not have access to a lot of nuts and seeds like us today, much less almond butter and other delicacies that provide a lot of nuts and seeds for production.

I think the reason that nuts and seeds are allowed on the Paleo diet, is that cereals and vegetables contain a whole host of other “anti-nutrients” in addition to lectins.

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