Cheating Does Dire Food from Food Addiction

Several times I’ve written on the subject of food addiction.

For me, the idea of ​​cheating on what I eat, has been missing for years. Now I know just what I choose foods that are good for me from the paleo cookbook, that I feel great and I have no desire to lie to me, lie to me maybe to eat some sweet industrial, maybe made with refined sugar.

It ‘clear that all hope for the process towards Paleo is something gradual, achievable only step-by-step.

For many, I realize that the most complicated step is to give up sweets, sugars that have nothing to do with Paleo. Snacks, cakes made with industrial products, yeasts that are not good for your health, well-being that limit the body’s natural.

Food Addiction
Food Addiction

In recent times, to make you understand better what I mean, I have received several comments on this subject, like these:

“Hello Rehan, my children do not suffer more than hyperarousal due to sugars, now sleep peacefully and insomnia is only a distant memory.
But I, for Valentine’s Day I just messed: I ate only a ridiculous trick, overdriven, and I paid for several days. Kept me off the track so as to make me feel even again that terrible feeling of heaviness in the legs! It would take me again a source of inspiration to get back on track! Can you help me “

… And again

“I went to my grandmother and I said” What do you want me to make you a cake made ​​by the skilled hands of the grandmother? “So I started to eat it, but the result was catastrophic: I noticed that the chocolate I just gobbled something that opens the door of my problems, I do get into a spiral of addiction that bad food.
Not that her grandmother cook bad, indeed. Her kitchen was always appreciated for generations! But it is something that my body would, but my mind refuses because the catalogs in a non-healthy, not healthy. Is good, but then what? I think I fall more into the trap! “

… And then I conclude with this

“I recently read a paleo cook book on food addiction and the authors wrote that it is not really the pleasure that prevents people to work step by step, but they are the withdrawal symptoms that prevent people to change. So I revived to fight. I become irritable, anxious, I’m feeling down, I’m not in the skin by nervous, but I want to try! “

These comments are so honest from the people who have written to me, explain how to get to 100% of Paleo we want a great determination and a serious conviction.

Of course, for some it will always be possible to eat a biscuit every now and feel encouraged to go ahead anyway. For others it will be complicated and you will lie saying that both “a biscuit every so not a problem”, falling into the spiral of bad food.

But the purpose of the Paleo Diet is another: if you know yourself and how you react to food and your body, you will be encouraged to eat only ones, because only those will make you feel as well.

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