Cooking the Paleo way

The paleo diet does not require any addition of new foods, but rather an adaptation of the foods that we eat. It is very important to know the correct food network that makes up the paleo diet. Cooking paleo does not require drastic changes to your process of making your food, rather the ingredients you cook with. Here is a quick review of some foods you can and cannot eat on your paleo food list. I have included the benefits of eating or excluding these particular foods.



Processed foods – Made chemically from refined ingredients and artificial substances. It is not hard to believe that putting something into our bodies that is made this way, is harmful to us. These processed foods are high in sugars and refined carbohydrates. People can become addicted to processed foods. Just look at how much money the junk food market makes. These foods contain little to no nutritional value and consumed every day can lead to heart conditions and diabetes.


Dairy – Dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt are essentially not very healthy for us. These processed products contain large amounts of saturated fats which can contribute massively to our cholesterol. Dairy products have even been found to give higher risk of various cancers, especially breast and prostate cancers.


Grains – Gluten is found in not all, but most grain products that you can buy. It is very hard to digest and can even harm your stomach lining. Grains also contain phytic acid which attaches itself to vital minerals and nutrients in your body. This prevents you from absorbing them correctly.


Legumes – One would think this natural food would be good for you but in fact quite the opposite. They contain phytates which stop vital minerals from being absorbed by the body. They also have little to no nutritional value.


Sugar and alcohol – Naturally you would have to exclude these two favourites from your diet. Sugar is filled with many unhealthy fats and the alcohol is pumped full of these. I understand that glucose

is good for your body, but not to the extent that we abuse it today. This is why there is such an increase in obesity, heart disease and diabetes.


Certain vegetables – I know all vegetable are good for you but the starches are pushed to one side here. Carbohydrates such as white potatoes, squash and butternut are better left unconsumed. Not only do they contain unhealthy fats and starches, they offer you no nutritional value.


Salt – You do not have to exclude salt from your diet, but at least cut down drastically. Back in the paleolithic time, our ancestors barely ate any salt. Just the 1,5mg a day that is necessary. Now we over salt our food to the point of dehydrating our bodies. It has been proven that this excessive intake of salt is the cause of a large amount of health problems today.



Meat – It is important on the paleo diet that you consume only grass fed meats. Chickens are fine as long as they are free range. The same applies to all game meat, pork, goat, lamb and turkey. More than 3 decades of research has found that consuming these meats gives you a far more nutritious and healthier diet. The meat contains fewer calories, more omega-3 fats, more vitamins and antioxidants. Make sure you also consume a large amount of fresh fish. Fish is a rich in omega oils and this assists in lubricating your bones.


Vegetables – It is advised to eat an entire rainbow worth of vegetables. It is always best to consume raw, this way you get all the nutrients your body needs and more!


Healthy Fats – There are many good fats that can be consumed to replace the ones we eat today. These healthy fats are more vital and beneficial to your body. You can use avocado oil, almond butter, coconut oil or even pork lard. By replacing saturated and trans fats from your diet you are removing your risk of heart disease, diabetes or a stroke.

Nuts and fruit – Nuts are good for providing the fuel our bodies need to keep going. It gives you a bit of a boost. Try to only consume a maximum of 3 pieces of fruit a day. Fruit contains the natural sugar fructose, which is good in moderation.

It is undeniable the drastic differences your body will undertake when cooking the paleo diet. You have unlimited resources to recipes and will never go hungry. The health benefits of eating this way are too many to even begin to mention. The paleo recipe book contains everything you need to know about what you should be eating. You can eat as much food as you like, as long as it is from the right food network.

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