Paleo Diet Benefits

Paleo Diet Benefits

The Paleo Diet is designed to help you with weight loss struggles using the simple concept of foods being either “in” or “out.” Your food choices include what was available during the Paleolithic era, such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, berries,roots and even mushrooms. You strictly avoid processed foods, fast foods, added sugar and salt and any other man-made food or those that have been tampered with. Fresh clean water, coconut milk and organic green tea are the suggested beverages to optimize hydration.You should discuss any diet plans with your doctor prior to starting this or any diet, however this is based on eating food that is nearly in its natural state.

The importance of Fiber

Getting plenty of fiber is important to your diet and the Paleo menu is based on fruits, vegetables and tubers which should give you a more than adequate supply. Fiber helps you to feel full as well as avoiding constipation.

Weight Loss

Helping your body to balance itself to a more natural state may include the often welcome side effect of weight loss. This diet is low on simple carbohydrates which are one of the worst culprits when it comes to gaining weight. Removing sugar and other processed foods from the diet will also help make you feel better.

The modern diet we exist on is one of the primary causes of added weight gain. As we consume more worthless food, our body cries out for more nutrition, which we often ignore, filling it with more of the bad, creating a vicious downward spiral:

  1. The way the body metabolizes fructose is primarily to transform it  into fat as it jumpstarts the “fat switch.”
  2. Of course this then leads to extra pounds, especially around the mid section as it lessens level of beneficial HDL, while it increases the level of LDL. It also raises triglycerides, blood sugar, and increases the risk of blood pressure, creating the  classic problem of metabolic syndrome.
  3. Fructose and other simple carbohydrates we include in our diets are one of the primary sources of glycerol-3-phosphate (g-3-p), which makes fat to stick in fat tissue
  4. They also affect insulin, creating multiple problems including difficulty with weight loss.
  5. Fructose keeps your body from feeling full, making it easier to pack on the pounds.

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