The Best Paleo Chicken Recipe

Paleo Chicken Recipe’s Benefits

Using paleo recipes comes with a range of benefits. While preparation is easy and fast, it is the health benefits that make the recipe an ideal choice and they include the following

  • It balances blood glucose sugar levels. By avoiding refined sugars spikes in blood sugars hence removing feelings of fatigue that results from sugar clashes.
  • The diet is heavily based on meat and this means there is adequate proteins intake to feed the muscles. This results in leaner muscles and ideal for muscle builders.
  • Its fair amount of fats ensure the body remains well fed. This eliminates constant craving for extra foods.
  • By avoiding wheat and gluten, the digestive system is greatly improved as evidence suggests gluten creates problems in the system.

Ingredients of a Paleo Chicken Recipe

To prepare the chicken recipe you need to have a chicken breast that will be used as the main ingredient. Big pieces of broccoli florets are also required. These are used to soak up the source and add the flavor. The broccoli florets are also essential in providing the body with healthy vitamins and making the meal more balanced. Almond and coconut milk are also used to give the meal a creamy taste that is more like one from using curry. For seasoning, curry powder and turmeric are used as well. These are essential as they are known to improve the metabolic system and provide the body with other health benefits. Each of the ingredients used provide a range of benefits that range from adding flavor to a variety of health benefits. The ingredients are also tailored to ensure that a healthy meal is prepared.

Preparation of Paleo Chicken Recipe

The process to prepare paleo chicken recipes begins with preparing the various ingredients required. Cut the chicken breasts into cubes of an appropriate size and clean the broccoli florets. Once done, heat the pan on medium – high heat and add the cubes and cook until the meat is fully cooked. Set the cooked cubes aside and using the same pan, add the pieces of broccoli florets with addition of cooking oil. Onions and other spices can be added but caution is required to ensure that the desired taste of the recipe is not altered. Then add the almond and coconut milk and cook until it is fully cooked. After this is done to satisfaction, add the hot chicken cubes. Mix while adding curry powder and turmeric, stir until the mixture over medium heat until it is even. The cooked recipe can be served alongside other dishes while still hot.

Overall Comments

Though paleo chicken recipes may appear as difficult for beginners, they form an ideal and easy to adopt solutions. Unlike most of other recipes, they are easy to prepare once accustomed and in real fact provide irresistible meals. They are fun to prepare and in such way provide the family with meals that are not only easy to prepare but as well tasty and healthy. With plenty of chicken recipes available, it is important to choose one that fits to easily available ingredients.

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